Jan. 31, 2021

Podcast Promo: Villains Demand

Podcast Promo: Villains Demand
"Do you love all things nerdom like fictional debates and D&D? Then this is the place for you!"
What's it about?
It was a little bit hard for me to describe this podcast. It's basically three podcasts in one! It has everything you need, or at least I need as a nerd. There's D&D, there's comic books, there's fictional debates and very in depth discussion too? Count me in!
Who are the hosts?
The regular team of Villains Demand consists of JVD, Evan the Great, Hawk the Horrible and Mr Grumpy Ghost. They're a fun group of nerds that are passionate about the things that they love. I love their D&D stuff, but I think I just love their Crossover Collision and Fandom Fusion the most. Crossover Collision is hosted by JVD and Evan the Great, whilst Hawk the Horrible and Mr. Grump Ghost are the one that leads Fandom Fusion.
Why should you listen to them?
Because they're passionate. They are sooooo passionate, and there's nothing more awesome than to listen to a group of friends passionate about comic books and all kinds of nerdy things. Maybe it's because I'm a giant comic book nerd - but it could also be the nerd in me that completely enjoys a well researched debate - even if it's fictional.
Suggested Episode
Crossover Collision: Aquaman vs Invisible Woman - I love this episode so much! I am totally on Invisible Woman's side of this whole thing and would totally kick Aquaman's butt! Plus, they're guests from Take A Knee for Marvel vs DC. Not only did I enjoy myself, but I found a new podcast to love!
Fandom Fusion: Wandavision and Her Nerdy Lantern Ring - Everyone is talking about Wandavision and I am totally here for it. It's just so amazing to listen to these guys just talking about the stuff that I'm super interested in as well. What an amazing time to be alive.
Where can I find them?
Definitely wherever you need to find them, they're there! I found them on spotify but here's their linktree which also shows their website and where you can follow all of the hosts too: https://linktr.ee/TheVillainsDemand