March 21, 2021

Podcast Promo: Curiosity Cake Podcast

Podcast Promo: Curiosity Cake Podcast
"A Podcast for curious minds with big appetites!"
What's it about?
A podcast that features call, reasoned, rational long-form interviews across a wide range of subjects - whatever that piques your interest or at least the Lee's interest. There's an episode about ant, an episode for crystals, and one about Historical European Martial Arts.
Who is the host?
Our host is Lee Delaney, and as I mentioned earlier, this podcast is dependent on what piques Lee's interest. Which honestly is awesome enough, because Lee's interest involved ants and that might just be my favorite episode - I'm a big fan of that certain nerdy facts.
Why should you listen to him?
If you have the same interests, or even if you don't, there's literally something for everyone. It's currently on Season 2, and if you need to get some slice of interesting information, Curiosity Cake is for you.
Suggested Episode
The Amazing World of Ants and Genetics - I mentioned this earlier but this is my favorite episode because I'm a big fan of nature documentary. I love learning more about ants because they've gotten such a bad rep, and they deserve better than that.
Where can I find them?
I listen to them on the Cephalopod App but they're everywhere! It can also be found on this website: