Awesome and unique series
Glaiza has such an incredible voice that is so easy to listen to. I love her approach to reading these classics. She’s a wonderful host and natural entertainer who draws you into the story. A+

Awesome show!
I love listening to this podcast. The host does a great job of reading and drawing in the listener in ways that are accessible and fun. Sounds great, produced well, and a fun time always, Classical Adventures for One is can’t miss podcast entertainment!

Take a listen!
You can hear the passion about the content in each podcast. Glaiza takes her time breaking down everything so you don't miss a thing about her classic stories. This podcast definitely stands out! Take a listen! #ODPH

Glaiza is so sweet and charming, and her voice is soothing to listen to, especially with literature we tend to abandon as we get older. I love the whole concept of this podcast.

A warm journey
Glaiza’s dramatic readings offer a grown-up return to the reprieve of story time on the alphabet mat, with smooth sound editing, energetic (but gentle) delivery, and captivating readings from classic literature. The subsequent analysis episodes offer the kind of behind-the-scenes takes you hope to see in a talk podcast, marking Classical Adventures for One as a perfect marriage of fictional audio drama and nonfiction podcast. Glaiza’s overarching premise—using quarantine as a chance to return to the literary classics that life doesn’t always make time for us to get to—is a very much relatable one. If you’re the kind of person who has always wanted to get into literature, but you need a multimedia component to make it happen, then this podcast is for you! Can’t wait to see where your literary adventures go next, Glaiza!

Subject matter out of my norm, but this pod rocks!
I don’t really revisit classical literature anymore (man I should really crack a book again sometime haha) but Glaiza does an awesome job leading in depth discussion on whatever subject matter she’s covering each week. I love the smooth, calming, and articulate voice she has! You can tell she is extremely passionate about what she’s talking about and it’s hard to avoid catching that contagious passion! If you’re looking for a good podcast to talk classic literature this would be my top recommendation. 10/10 zen discussions

The ultimate "Podcast & Chill"
What a fantastic way to unwind! This is your moment of zen, even if literature isn't your thing. Glaiza's relaxed, intentional pacing and verbal cadence is the perfect compliment to these classic excerpts, in a bite size format that complements just about any podcast rotation.

Perfectly Narrated, Perfectly Sized Episodes
This podcast is so enjoyable. It transforms us back to childhood, when being read to meant everything in the world! -cheers from the cohosts of Well... That’s Interesting

These podcast episodes are simply outstanding. They give a perspective on classic books that most of us have read or have had read to us as children growing up. For anyone that enjoy books or the original Alice in wonderland movie as a child I would strongly recommend listening to this podcast to bring back some good old memories.

If you are a connoisseur of fine literature this show is by far the best podcast to listen to. Listen to Glaiza as she reads beautifully to you. I enjoy when she traverses her way through my favorite stories of literature! I absolutely loved the Alice in Wonderland episodes ❤️ Great work! -V-

A classic
One for all and one for all, this is a great podcast! Each episode has a lot of heart in it and it's great hearing about the wide variety of material the host covers. Be sure to check it out!

Classical Adventures for one podcast is a lovely way to spend time. A soft voice that makes this podcast easygoing.

This podcast is perfection
Glaiza reads these stories with such grace and it puts you in an absolute relaxed mood. I really enjoy listening to the stories and it’s been great for my kids as well! Give it a go what are you waiting on?

Start the Adventure
Classical Adventures for One combines audio book format with literary breakdown to create something original and creative. Glaiza is engaging to listen to, the book sampling is on point, and it's a calm, easy listen the whole way through. Give this a listen and subcribe now!

One tiny morsel. One sweet savory bite. That’s what you’re getting here. A little snippet of the classics, giving you just enough to hunger for more. 20/10

Such an amazing way to break up the horror I’m usually stuck on! 10/10 would recommend!

This podcast is a great way to get a bite size sample of a book. Great pacing. Easy way to get lost into a podcast. Keep up the hard work

Like a book club and audiobook in one
I love the concept of this podcast. It’s a way of jumping into classical literature in easily chunked bits. Plus each section comes with analysis that helps deepen comprehension.

This show is amazing!
Honestly it’s the most relaxing pod I’ve ever listened to. Such a great escape from everything that’s going on right now. Absolutely love it! Very happy to subscribe

Fun and Relaxing
The fact that Glaiza used the circumstances of COVID to finally do something she’s wanted to do for a long time struck a chord with me. With a calming voice and intelligent breakdowns, this is a fantastic podcast for anyone interested in experiencing/learning more about literary classics.

Really great way to relax
These are really great dramatic readings and a wonderful podcast with a bright future! Keep them coming!!!