March 17, 2021

Podcast Promo: Shonen Flop

Podcast Promo: Shonen Flop
"Not every manga can make it in Shonen Jump like Dragonball Z, One Piece, or Naruto. Listen in to David and Jordan discussing the mangas that got canceled, and what they could have done to have stayed afloat instead of becoming a Shonen Flop."
What's it about?
Manga! It's all about Shonen Manga! I am excited! Can't you tell? It has a twist! It basically focuses on all the mangas that got canceled - the ones that just didn't make it. I think this might be the first time I've listened/reviewed a manga based podcast.
Who are the hosts?
Our hosts our David and Jordan, very passionate host who you can tell actually cares about the topic of mangas. Listening to this podcast draws me back to my heavy manga reading days - and honestly makes me want to jump back into it.
Why should you listen to them?
They has such a nice twist to the discussion, and it does help me discover things that I normally would not. It's unfortunate that they talked about cancelled mangas, I suppose - because if I do end up caring about it - then it's already cancelled, yikes.
Suggested Episode
Our Blood Oath - The latest episode that they have available! They have a great guest - Stephen Paul (translator for One Piece too). Bonus feels for me because they talked a little bit about how Japan really likes the name Alice because of how popular Alice in Wonderland is.
Where can I find them?
I listen to them on the Cephalopod App but they're everywhere! You can check out their links here: