Jan. 3, 2021

Podcast Promo: Villainous Cinema

Podcast Promo: Villainous Cinema
"A show dedicated to watching B-Movies, Cult Classics, & VHS Trash so you don’t have to w/ your host, Evan Landon!"
What's it about?
B-movies, cult classics, and movies considered as trash by others - but loved by many, many people. From terrible horror movies, to terrible Christmas movies - movies so bad that they've become insanely great!
Who are the hosts?
It's mostly hosted by Evan, with multiple cohosts that joins in. I love the ease that he has with his co-hosts, especially his mom. It's definitely one of those shows that you listen to not because the movies are great (though they can really be awesome) but mostly because they sound like the coolest people to just be friends with. Also anytime a mom is involved, I'm already into it like 100% of the time.
Why should you listen to them?
Because they watch bad movies, and have you ever read a synopsis so bad that you're just a tiny bit curious as to whether this would be so bad it's good? Or if it would just be bad? Why make that decision on your own when you can have Evan and his mom and his friends help you decide? You won't regret it!
Suggested Episode
Repo! The Genetic Opera (w/ Matty Violence & Joshua Flores) - Honestly, this movie/musical is one of those movies that I watched when I was in an Anthony Stewart Head craze, so I was already leaning toward this episode anyway. Also, the Trump impressions are hilarious. You're welcome.
Where can I find them?
You can find them on their website: https://www.villainouscinema.com/