March 17, 2021

Podcast Promo: The Missing Files

Podcast Promo: The Missing Files
"Welcome to The Missing Files Podcast. We explore missing person cases, cold cases and Australian mysteries."
What's it about?
As the tag said, this podcast is all about mysterious cases of Australia. As it's a relatively new podcast, they've only tackled one mystery so far - the missing persons case of Jayden Penno-Tompsett. But honestly, if this podcast does the same level of research and production for each mystery they tackle, then each future episode would be worth the wait.
Who is the host?
Our host and producer for this podcast is the calm and serious voice of Adam Drummond, and he is backed up by this impressive team: investigative journalist Daniel Johns, former NSW Police Commander Detective Superintendent Michael Rowan and Editor Matt Olsen.
Why should you listen to him?
I don't usually listen to true crime where there is no closure/ending because it weighs heavy on me, but when I chose to listen to The Missing Files, I was beyond impressed at the quality of work that Adam and his team puts forth for each episode. The research, the interviews, the production of the show itself - it's just amazing. You get invested in the people - and I love the seriousness of this show because this is a serious situation. This is definitely an impressive podcast.
Suggested Episode
Penno, Part 1 - The minute I pressed play, I was hooked and I needed to know more about the case and it was so well done, that it really put my own attempts at podcasting to shame. The good news is, it definitely inspired me to become better at my own podcast.
Where can I find them?
I listen to them on the Cephalopod App, as I always do, but you can find them in most streaming platforms - as well as their website: