Oct. 12, 2020

Podcast Promo: Sick N Twisted

Podcast Promo: Sick N Twisted

"Follow us as we travel around on our crime road trip, chatting murders and shit along the way"

What's it about?
Though they primarily cover serial killers, they do discuss a lot of different things that are - as they say - sick and twisted. If you're like me - who enjoy watching Forensic Files as background nice - it's kinda like that - but they're a lot funnier. Warning, if swearing is a thing that bothers you - maybe don't listen - but if not, then tune on! They're funny and a lot of fun

Who are the hosts?
The hosts are Tracey and Kat who generally enjoy laughing and swearing - and of course - learning about serial killers. They also have a bonus host - Fraggle - who knows her stuff! It's a cat - guys - and we all know cats know a lot of things about being devious. Keep an eye on that cat, guys and gals!

Why should you listen to them?
If you like learning about True Crime and Serial Killers and you don't mind being a dang grown-up about it, then these two gals are for you!

Suggested Episode
Episode 4 - The Yosemite Killer. Here's something you should know about me: one of the reasons I don't like camping is because I've watched too many TV shows about people killing other people in the woods - and this definitely did not help! Am I going to stop watching and listening to these kinds of stories? Nope!

Where can I find them?
They're on where you can find most podcasts - but here's their home-base is Buzzsprout!