Sept. 30, 2020

Podcast Promo: Potent Puffin Podcast

Podcast Promo: Potent Puffin Podcast

"Sharing my life experience as a Coast Guard Veteran, father, husband, and former 911 dispatcher living on the Alaskan Island known as Kodiak with the world"

What's it about?
It's about the life of Jake Thomas. It very slice of his life and it's most definitely just relaxing just listening to him. I really enjoyed it because it reminds me of the years of blogspot, where people just talk about their life and their stories. With the bonus of his drawings of puffins - and how can you not enjoy that? Live drawings are my favorite

Who are the hosts?
The host is Jake Thomas, and he mostly talks about his life - his struggles and his wins, and his family. He's very welcoming into his life and it makes me feel like visiting a friend and just getting to know this guy who has a very interesting life with great stories.

Why should you listen to them?
If you enjoy getting to know people and you miss meeting interesting people, then listen to Jake - I think he has an interesting life and his son is hilarious so if you enjoy slice of life stories - then he's your man!

Suggested Episode
Episode 1. Start from the beginning - and get to know him! His episodes are pretty self-contained, so there's no real reason to start from the beginning - but I feel like the beginning is the best with this kind of podcast

Where can I find them?
He's available on Spotify and Apple, but I prefer listening to him on YouTube because of his live art!