Feb. 16, 2021

Podcast Promo: Media Path Podcast

Podcast Promo: Media Path Podcast
"Have you ever become obsessed with a topic and taken a deep dive into consuming all you could uncover about it? Media Path podcast is here to indulge your obsessions."
What's it about?
It's all about the media we consume from books, movies, TVs, podcasts and music and what draws us into these things. It really has something for everyone! Entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events and what have you. I absolutely loved choosing which episode I wanted to listen to because every one is interesting and very captivating
Who are the hosts?
Our hosts for this podcast is Fritz Coleman, a weatherman/humorist based in Los Angeles and Louise Palanker, a filmaker/columnist and co-founder of Premiere Radio. They have the credentials and connections to back up their podcast. Their guests are awesome that I'm a little humbled that they're following me on twitter to be honest. They got Henry Wrinkler! The Fonz! I want to meet the Fonz!
Why should you listen to them?
Because they're an amazing pair of hosts, and their guests are always interesting. The quality of the podcast is amazing and as an aspiring indie podcaster - I have so much to learn from, but that's more of why I should listen to them - why you should listen to them? They have great guests, their rapport is awesome, and they have a lot of wonderful things to say in regards to every media that we consume. They're worth it.
Suggested Episode
Today's Obsession? Henry Wrinkler - It's The Fonz! Of course I would suggest this episode! But honestly, check their list of episode and you would definitely find something amazing, I can promise you that.
Where can I find them?
I listen to them on the Cephalopod App but their on both Apple and Spotify - as well as their own website at https://www.mediapathpodcast.com/