Nov. 9, 2020

Podcast Promo: Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast

Podcast Promo: Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast
"A movie podcast focusing on good movies, bad movies, & everything else in between."
What's it about?
It's all about movies for these guys! Good, bad and what have you. Honestly, I prefer when they talk about bad movies. Maybe it's just the b-movie lover in me that adores it when bad movies get the spotlight. As promised though, they talk about all kinds of movies - so there's definitely something for everyone!
Who are the hosts?
The hosts are a group of fun guys, I believer there's four of them: Beau Maddox, Ashley Allen Chancellor, Dakota Chancellor and Robert Ortegon, which I've taken from their podchaser page. That's a pretty big group of guys - especially for me who does this whole thing solo. But the good news with that is that they just seem to have a good time riffing off each other and I think you guys would enjoy that too.
Why should you listen to them?
Do you like good movies? Do you like bad movies? Do you like movies in general? Do you guys just talking about movies? Do you like guys exploring movies you like or dislike and love the feeling of them agreeing or disagreeing with you? How many more reasons should I give you? Just check em out!
Suggested Episode
Episode 6 - Collateral Cinema vs. Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, Episode 14 - Ep 14: James Franco's The Disaster Artist – Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast and Ep 43: Justin MacGregor's & Greg Sestero's Best F(r)iends – Collateral Cinema Season Finale. If you love Tommy Wiseau like I love me some Tommy Wiseau, then these episodes are for you. I had hard time choosing between these sets of episodes or their Deadpool one because I love Deadpool - but it was these sets for me and I think generally, you'd enjoy it too!
Where can I find them?
They're on where you can find most podcasts - but their main base of operations is on Podbean! So check em out and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!