Nov. 9, 2020

Podcast Promo: Club XP Podcast

Podcast Promo: Club XP Podcast
"A podcast to level-up the conversation on all things games, film, media, and entertainment. Join the Club and Level Up!"
What's it about?
Their main goal is to save us. Is that an exaggeration? You tell me. All jokes aside, it's an entertainment podcast where they go through in-depth discussions among each other so that they can bring to their listeners detailed discussion with the goal of informing them, in order to get rid of buyer's remorse. Like I said, their main goal is to save us - money at least!
Who are the hosts?
It's Joey, Josh, Jared and Evan! Pretend I'm announcing that with a larger than life voice because these group of guys deserve that kind of introduction. They have a good rapport among themselves, and let's face it right? Good rapport makes you want to listen more and makes you want to just get to know these fantastic group of people. They're not afraid to disagree sure, but it's the kind of disagreement that opens up minds to an opposing view - which is something a lot of us need to learn nowadays.
Why should you listen to them?
Are you stuck at home? Do you have a million shows, games, maybe books, so many options that you're drowning in paralysis when it comes to how you want to spend your time? Do you want someone else to make that decision for you, or rather, do you want to someone to help you make that decision for you? Maybe you've already decided and just want that validation that you made the right choice to binge watch the Bachelor? Well - these guys are your people.
Suggested Episode
Frozen 2 - Spoiler Review- Why this episode? It's my favorite of these guys. Something about a couple of grown men talking about Frozen 2 is really appealing to me and I'm not joking. These are my people, my kind of nerds.
Where can I find them?
You can find them most of everywhere, but they have their own website and you should check them out over there!