Feb. 25, 2021

1K Listens!

1K Listens!
I know it's been a rough week for me, but I still wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone that chose to give my podcast a chance. I never would have received 1000 listens if it was not for you, and the fact that it came as I finished Season One?
That's amazing.
I will be taking a month or so break as I prepare for Season Two, but that does not mean you won't hear anything from me till then. I have a couple of bonus episodes planned where I interview special guests about their experience with Alice in Wonderland!
How will you get access to these bonus episodes? I will be sharing them on two platforms: @buymeacoffee and @CephaloPodApp!
If you decide to become a member on my Buy Me A Coffee you get not only these bonus episodes but a limited care package per season! The package contains a variety of merchandise that has each season's logo.
If you'd rather not become a member or can't become a member - fear not! You'll still have access to these bonus episodes by downloading the @CephaloPodApp and subscribing to my show there - where you'll see these bonus episodes!
But that's not all!
I'm also doing a giveaway! I would need two things from you - in order to join this giveaway:
  1. A screenshot review of my podcast (whether you like it or not, it's definitely up to you) on either Apple or Podchaser (DM through twitter- @classicalglaiza /Email - classicalglaiza@gmail.com)
What will you win?
  1. I'll buy you coffee from that link
  2. A limited edition season one care package!
Giveaway ends on 3/31/2021
Thank you again for all the love!
All my love,